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02-11-10 20:55
Sometimes I go out for lunch b/c I'm too tired to make lunch before going to work in the morning. Fast food chains are now the hangout of homeless people. Trust me on this one. Need to take a bath homeless guy? Feel free to use the bathroom sink. Still kind of wet because there isn't a towel for you? I'd suggest just standing in the middle of the restaurant and wiping your face and neck and then clean your ears with a napkin. I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't do this. Know what's nice after a bath? Talking to a random stranger who is stranded alone in a restaurant with some homeless dude. Feel free to sit yourself down, by the way, he'll like it. Want to discuss television? Fantastic. Sure you only heard that TVs are expensive, but don't let that limit your topics for conversation. As your new friend finishes his food and walks out, don't forget to bid him farewell as though you've known each other forever.

Weird day.
Title 01-31-10 14:24
Who do you talk to when your pride keeps you from talking with your closest friends? Elowel, that's who! I hope to write in this on a semi-occasional basis. I started it months ago, but didn't really have anything to say. Now that I feel I have way too much free time, maybe I'll actually take the time to post some of my thoughts.

Goal for the day: Clean the freaking house.
Hello, 07-05-09 16:38
Hello my name is aquaticundergrou. I'm new to elowel. I heard about elowel through a friend. So I'm checking it out. We'll see if I have anything to say.